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Terms and conditions​


By accepting our quotation you are agreeing to our terms and conditions produced by Sussex Shine LTD



Payment terms:​

You are required to pay within 7 days from the date your clean took place, unless discussed otherwise.

If non payment exceeds 45 days Sussex ShineLTD reserve the right to suspend your cleaning. If we then fail to receive the amount owed within 90 days we will pass your details to a debt collection Agency, you will then be liable for all related charges.




We do still work in light rain or short showers as this weather will not affect the quality of our work. If there is heavy rain or strong winds we will not clean your windows as this would not be deemed safe. Your clean will be rescheduled for our closest availability.



Our Rounds:

We offer 4,6,8 weekly cleans Covering the Sussex area in which we will do our best to ensure we visit the required amount of times per year. Please note your cleans my fall on different days compared to previous cleans.



Cleaning frequencies:

We operate throughout the year meaning your windows will be cleaned throughout the year, If you require a one-off please ensure this is stated when requested a quote as there is a difference in price for a one off clean and regular cleaning. Please note there may be a "First clean charge" on your first visit to cover the extra time required to get your windows to a high standard.


We expect all customers to stick to approximately 4,6,8 weekly frequencies when signing up with us.


We cannot guarantee exact dates of future cleans due to factors such as Public holidays, severe Weather and working in different locations each day/week but we can offer a guide of the date of the commencing week.


We do not provide a time of arrival but we will visit between 9am-5pm, if you require us to visit before/after for a reasonable reason we will ensure we do our best to do so.




You will receive a reminder text each night before your clean is due confirming arrival, please ensure access is granted otherwise we will clean accessible areas and charge accordingly. Please note we may not be able to return and clean "missed" areas so please ensure we have the correct contact number so that you can receive your text reminder.

If we are able to open a locked gate we will do so and ensure it is locked when leaving. We will ensure to clean all windows where possible and safe to do so.



If you wish to cancel our services you are free to do so at any time but please ensure we are given enough notice preferably 3 to 5 days before your next scheduled clean. We cannot cancel your clean on the day it is scheduled to be cleaned this would result in 100% charge. Please contact us via email or phone.


24 hour guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with your window clean we offer a 24 hour guarantee in which we will revisit for free to re-clean the windows. To qualify for this please ensure you contact us within 24 hours stating the issue with the windows. Please ensure to check internal window cleanliness before we revisit.

Please note 1st clean results can differ as Spotting can occur for reasons such as previous traditional window cleaning methods or leakage from window vents, ongoing cleans should provide spotless results.


We hold Public and Employers liability insurance, if proof required please let us know.



We will always ensure to provide a high standard service for our customers but in an unlikely event where our customers are not satisfied then please contact us explaining the issue and we will do our best to rectify it as soon as possible.

Please find contact details below


Mobile: 07340 475166



Thanks for Choosing Sussex Shine LTD​

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